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When do I need an enclosure for laser engraving?

ACMER R10 Laser Enclosure is a simple solution to maintain clean and smooth indoor air while laser engraving and cutting materials, in order to protect the respiratory health of your family from the large amount of smoke, dust, and other pollutants generated during the process. It is compatible with almost all open desktop laser engraving and cutting machines and offers a spacious size of 700x700x350mm.

Some materials contain special ingredients that can produce hazardous gases or dust when laser engraved or laser cut. These materials include chromium (VI) leather and synthetic leather, carbon fiber (carbon), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other similar materials. Without proper protection, working with these materials can pose risks to your health.

Made with Fireproof Cloth material and a Temperature Resistance range of -70℃ to 600℃, the ACMER R10 Laser Enclosure provides advantages over using an acrylic laser enclosure. It not only eliminates the risk of high-temperature combustion but also offers cost advantages. You can acquire it at the lowest cost, and it is lightweight with a product weight of only 1.5kg.

Furthermore, the ACMER R10 Enclosure comes with a 101.6mm/4in exhaust fan and a flexible exhaust pipe, which can be extended as per your requirements. It allows for convenient exhaust of smoke to the outdoors from any corner of the room, ensuring clean air.

The enclosed exhaust system effectively prolongs the lifespan of the laser engraving machine. By timely removing smoke, dust, and debris, it prevents them from entering the machine's internal components. This helps keep the laser lens clean, ensures efficient operation of the laser module, enhances cutting depth, and extends the lifespan of the laser engraving machine.

ACMER R10 enclosure is a DIY solution that supports disassembly, making it space-saving when not in use. It offers a cost-effective and practical solution.

The front of the enclosure features a transparent window that filters ultraviolet light, reducing laser-related hazards. You can monitor the progress of the engraving without worrying about exposing your eyes to the laser beam.

Overall, the ACMER R10 Laser Enclosure is beneficial for safety, health, and the longevity of your laser engraving machine.


Enclosure Installation Guide

Installation is also straightforward, and you can watch our unboxing video on YouTube for a quick and easy installation guide.


The Features You Need to Enjoy Laser Engraving

Foldable design

The enclosure box can be folded and stored when not in use, saving space and making it easy to transport.

Fireproof and dustproof material

The enclosure box is made of high-quality fireproof and dustproof fabric, which can withstand high temperatures and prevent fire and dust from damaging your laser engraver and your surroundings.

Air outlet

The enclosure box has an air outlet on the back, which can be connected to a fan or a filter to remove the harmful fumes and smoke produced by the laser engraving process.

Transparent window

The enclosure box has a large transparent window on the front, which allows you to see the engraving progress without exposing your eyes to the laser beam. 


The enclosure box is compatible with various laser engravers and cutters, such as the XTool D1, Iker K1, Creality Falcon 2, and more. It has a large size of 700*700*350mm, which can fit most projects. You can engrave wood, leather, paper, acrylic, metal, and more with your laser engraver and your enclosure box.