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ACMER M2: A Laser Rotary Roller for 360-Degree Y-Axis Rotary Engraving on Cylindrical Objects

One-piece rubber roller

ACMER M2 uses a one-piece rubber roller that has a hardness of 60A and provides stronger friction and stability during the carving process. It can prevent the object from slipping or wobbling and ensure a smooth and precise engraving.

Adjustable engraving diameter

ACMER M2 can adjust the engraving diameter according to the size of the object. It can engrave objects with diameters ranging from 4mm to 138mm, such as pens, pipes, goblets, bottles, etc. It can also carve conical objects by adjusting the height of the roller.

Width adjustment

ACMER M2 has four width adjustments that can accommodate different widths of objects. The width adjustment range is 0-30mm, which means you can engrave objects with different shapes and sizes on the same roller.

Easy installation and operation

ACMER M2 is easy to install and use. You only need to connect it to your laser engraver or cutter with a USB cable and an offline controller. You can also use the controller to adjust the speed and direction of the roller.

Wide application range

ACMER M2 can expand your creative possibilities by allowing you to engrave on cylindrical objects that are otherwise difficult to carve. You can make personalized gifts, decorations, artworks, or business displays with ACMER M2.