ACMER P2 10W Description

ACMER P2 10W: A Smart 10W Laser Engraver and Cutter with Fixed Focus and Ultra-Silent Air Assist

Fixed focus laser module

ACMER P2 10W uses a fixed focus laser module that can automatically adjust the focal length according to the material thickness, eliminating the need for manual focusing. It also has a high-quality lens that can produce a smaller and more precise laser spot, improving the engraving quality and efficiency.

Ultra-silent auto air assist

ACMER P2 10W has an ultra-silent air pump that can automatically blow away the smoke and dust generated during the engraving process, protecting the lens and the material from damage. It also reduces the noise level to less than 50dB, making it suitable for home or office use.

Large working area

ACMER P2 10W has a 420x400mm working area that can accommodate large-sized materials or multiple small ones. It also supports infinite extension mode that can engrave on longer materials by moving them along the Y-axis.

Multiple control methods

ACMER P2 10W can be controlled by various methods such as USB, APP, online, or TF card. You can use your computer, smartphone, tablet, or offline controller to design and send your files to the machine. It also supports multiple file formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG, DXF, etc.

Wide application range

ACMER P2 10W can cut or engrave on various materials such as wood, leather, paper, fabric, plastic, acrylic, etc., allowing you to make all kinds of personalized works. Whether it is home decoration, gift giving, business display or artistic expression, ACMER P2 10W can provide you with unlimited creative possibilities.