How to set parameters

ACMER Laser cutting and engraving machines can engrave and cut a very wide variety of materials. Setting the correct engraving and cutting parameters can help you do your job better and get a perfect work.

Material Purchase

Engraving Parameters

MaterialPower(%)Speed (mm/min)NOTE
leather1004500The parameters will varyaccording to the material color
Ceramic506000The surface needs tobeheat transfer paper applied.This parameter isobtained when theceramic surface isattached with coloredpaper
Kraft paper407000
Acrylic1004000For transparent surfaceneed to be painted black.
Stainless steel100300

Cutting Parameters

MaterialThicknessPower(%)Speed (mm/min)PassNOTE
Acrylic2mm1001501Non transparent blackacrylic plate isrecommended
Acrylic4mm1001002Non transparent blackacrylic plate isrecommended
Kraft paper1mm10015001

Warm Tip

1. Please note the above units of speed and power and convert them in Lightburn and LaserGRBL by yourself. 2. For some materials with low burning point, it is not recommended to set the cutting speed below 100mm/min, otherwise there may be a risk of burning! 3. Even for the same material, the effect will be different for different surface treatment or different colors, so you need to adjust the speed and power according to different objects. In addition, please adjust the focal length to the best, so that the focal length is minimal. 4. Can't engrave or cut directly: glossy metal plates, transparent materials, reflective materials, some white or translucent materials, etc. Then you need to blacken it with a marker to carve.