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1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & P1
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1. If you buy it in a package, the laser engraving machine will be shipped from overseas warehouses, while the accessories and materials will be shipped from China.

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  • Made for Engraving Metal. √ Gold √ Silver √ Platinum √ Copper ……
  • Make Custom Jewelry ! Better Results on Plastic!
  • 03mm Circular Laser Spot
  • Compatible with ACMER P1 and ACMER P2 series

Package list

Laser Module x1

Slider x1

Wire Holder x1

Wire for P1 Series x1

Wire for P2 Series x1

Power Adapter x1

M2.5*5 Screws x2

M3*6 Screws x2

Screwdriver x1

1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & ACMER P1
1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & ACMER P1
  • Specifications
  • FAQs
Product Material
6061 Aluminum 
Electric Power
Laser Power
Laser Wavelength
Modulation Method
Wiring Method
Operating Mode
Spot Size
Operating Environment
+10℃~+35℃, 10%~80% relative humidity
Storage Temperature
-10℃~60℃, 10%~95% relative humidity
Focal Length
Applicable Models
ACMER P1/ACMER P2 (For machines of other brands, customers need to solve the fixation and wiring of the laser head themselves)
Engraving Materials
Various metals (such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, etc.), ABS, acrylic, PC, leather, stone, etc.
The 1064 laser head cannot engrave wood, parchment paper, MDF

Q: Why choose the 1064nm infrared laser module?

A: Because it can reliably output infrared laser at 1064nm. Compared to the wavelength of 450nm for diode lasers, they have different physical characteristics. Common metallic materials have a high absorption capability for infrared light, making it particularly suitable for engraving on common metals, jewelry, stones, and plastics.

Q: Why is the power only 2.5W? Which laser has a higher output power, the 2.5W one or the 33W diode laser?

A: There are many factors that affect the engraving and cutting effects, such as laser power, operating speed, spot size, and also the laser wavelength. The differences in effects are significant when applied to different materials. Therefore, direct comparison between a 2.5W infrared laser and a 33W diode laser is not possible. It mainly depends on the target material you want to process and its physical properties.

Q: How to maintain the 1064 laser module?

A: The actual service life of the laser module depends on the working environment and intensity. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the product's lifespan. The design lifespan of our product is 10,000 hours.

1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & ACMER P1

Rust removal on metal surfaces

The 1064nm infrared laser can be used for rust removal on metal surfaces.

Lightweight aluminum casing

Smoother and more stable mechanical movement.
1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & ACMER P1
1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & ACMER P1

Modular design for greater compatibility

This laser head adopts a modular design, compatible with ACMER P1 series (excluding ACMER P1 S Pro) and ACMER P2 series.
1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & ACMER P1

0.03mm ultra-fine laser spot

Incorporating advanced spot compression technology, enabling finer engraving. Bring your artwork to life with lifelike precision.
1064nm Infrared Laser Module for ACMER P2 & ACMER P1

1064nm infrared laser

1.Versatile metal engraving: The infrared laser is highly suitable for engraving common metals such as copper, iron, brass, aluminum, silver, and zinc, producing clear engraving effects. It compensates for the limitations of diode lasers in metal engraving.
2.Various materials including plastics: It can perform high-speed and fine engraving on plastics, as well as engrave on black acrylic, leather, ceramics, and slate. It has a wide range of applications.

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