ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

  • With  Automatic  30L/min air assist system 
  • Zero Assembly, ready to work in just 1 minute.
  • 33~36 watt output power
  • Up to 30,000mm/min
  • Cut through 30mm wood, 20mm acrylic, 9mm MDF, 0.1mm metal.
  • Ultra-precision Industrial Guideways for the x-axis and y-axis.
  • Optional 10W/20W/33W  diode laser module.
  • Optional Area Extension Kit , work area up to 200%.
  • Optional 1064nm laser module, more suitable for engraving jewelry, gold, silver...
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2024 Best laser engraver

What they say about ACMER P2 33W?

Best Laser Engraving Machine of 2024-P2 33W-outdoor and indoor

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

The best indoor and outdoor engraving solutions, providing you with better engraving works not only in the studio, but also in various scenes.

Engraving ideas from 

Get inspiration from other people's creations. 

Feel free to join our FB group to communicate with more people in the group and share your works.

Create Artworks with 
Your Favorite Materials

ACMER P2 can engrave and cut hundreds of materials. Your creativity is no longer limited by materials.

  • Wood

  • Acrylic

  • Leather

  • Cork

  • Glass

  • Rock

  • Paper

33w Powerful Cutting Charm

33W output power with air-assisted pump gives the diode laser powerful cutting performance, 

which can cut a variety of materials, providing convenience for your work and greatly shortening your working time. 

Check detailed parameter settings

  • One Pass Cutting

  • Max Cutting

0.08*0.1mm ultra-fine spot size

Advanced laser synthesis compression technology generates a more 

powerful laser output by maintaining a fine beam size.

2024 best laser engraver machine-P2 33w-fine engraving2024 best laser engraver machine-P2 33w-fine engraving

Upgrade with Ease

Upgrade effortlessly by simply replacing the laser module, eliminating the need to purchase

an additional machine. This maximizes cost and space savings for you.

Industrial Guide Rails

The X and Y axes are equipped with industrial-grade linear guides, featuring superior structural design for enhancedstability and precision in engraving. Achieve a photo-auality experience with ultra-high pixel resolution.

Incredibly Fast! 

Higher Efficiency!

With a blazing speed of up to 30,000 mm/min, this engraving system inherits the proven motion control technology from ACMER Lab. Its robust mechanical structure ensures faster engraving times for artworks, without compromising on stability or ultra-high precision.

Vibration Compensation & Precision Motion Control

Vibration compensation algorithms combined with the stable construction of industrial rails and a fine 0.08x0.1mm laser compression spot make your engraving more precise and stable.

200% Engraving Area

Achieving a 200% increase in the engraving area of P2, reaching 420*800mm, 

allowing you to create larger and more creative artworks.

Optional extension kit

2024 best laser engraver machine-P2 33w-pre assembled

Unbox and start using instantly!

lnexperienced beginners often encounter difficulties when assembling a machine, but with ACMER P2 Pre-Assembled Edition, the machineis already assembled and rigorously tested before leaving the factory, ensuring a superior user experience.

What are the security features of the ACMER P2?

Flame detector

Stop working and sound an alarm onceflame and smoke are detected.

Alarm lights and buzzers

Eye-catching yellow alarm indicator light gives you the quickest response to any malfunction or accident.

Observable shield

Filtered glass shield protectsyour from laser injury and filters 97% of UV rays.

Child safety lock

Equipped with a safety key, which needs to be inserted to turn on the switch to work, preventing children from misusing the machine.

Emergency stop switch

When the machine is working the machine can be stopped immediately by the emergency stop switch.

Gyroscope Tilt Detector

It will automatically stop working when the tilt exceeds 15 degrees to prevent the laser from causing harm to the human body or damaging objects.

100% compatible with lightburn,

Variety of Accessories for Better Engraving Ecology

ACMER P2 33W is the best laser engraving machine in 2024. It is equipped with a 33W powerful laser module and industrial-grade guide rails to give you the ultimate engraving and cutting experience. In addition, a free 30/L air pump is also given to help you complete a more perfect cutting.

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Constantly test for the best results

ACMER provides quality assurance and commitment for each laser machine. 

Each machine is quality inspected and tested before being packaged and shipped to each customer.

2024 best laser engraving machine-P2 33w-constantly test

1,440 min

Aging time of each laser module.

2,160 min

Aging time of each laser machine.

1,440 min

Aging time of each motherboard.


Materials tested on each machine.



Laser Output Power


Laser Type

Diode laser / Upgradeable 1064 laser

Machine Power


Laser Wavelength


Power Supply


Focal Length


Engraving Accuracy


Laser Module Design Life

8000 hours

Maximum Engraving Speed

30,000 mm/min

Working Area Size


Assembly Method


Machine Size


Machine Weight


Movement structure

Industrial guide rail



Control Software

LightBurn/LaserGRBL/ACMER App(Android) / MKS(iOS)

File Format Supported

JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, etc.

Compatible Accessories

1064nm IR laser module, L80 Expansion Kit, Honeycomb Laser Bed , R10 Laser Enclosure Box , M2 Rotary Roller, C4 Air Assist

Safety Features

Emergency stop button, Gyroscope detection (Tilt 15 degrees to automatically turn off the laser), Motherboard over-temperature protection,child safety lock,flame detector.

Best Laser Engraver Machine of 2024

Laser engraving machines have revolutionized the world of craftsmanship and manufacturing. Their precision, versatility and speed make them an indispensable tool in various scenarios. Take a closer look at why the ACMER P2 33W is the best laser engraver of 2024.

The importance of laser engraving machine

Laser engravers offer versatility in applications. Whether you're engraving or cutting in wood, metal, or acrylic, these machines deliver the precision and detail that traditional methods often lack. In today’s fast-paced and detail-oriented life, the importance of such machines cannot be overstated.

ACMER P2 laser engraver

The ACMER P2 33W laser engraving machine is packed with cutting-edge features that make it a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike. With 33W laser power, it delivers excellent performance in a variety of engraving and cutting tasks.

Best laser performance and efficiency

One of the main selling points of the ACMER P2 33W is its impressive performance and efficiency. The powerful 33W laser power ensures fast and accurate engraving, and is suitable for a variety of materials, such as wood, acrylic and steel plates, all of which can be easily cut and engraved. Whether you're working on complex designs or large-scale projects, this machine delivers efficiency and quality.

Laser cutting edge technology

ACMER equips the P2 33W with cutting-edge laser technology. From improved beam quality to advanced focusing system, the 0.08*0.1mm fine laser ensures that this machine has the best engraving effect. ACMER has always been at the forefront of technology, providing users with reliable and efficient tools for their creative work.

Laser Machine pre-assembly design

Another aspect that the ACMER P2 33W prides itself on is the pre-assembled design, coupled with its rigid materials and matte exterior layout and intuitive controls, even beginners can quickly master its operation. The accessibility of this unit does not affect its functionality; it is suitable for both novices and seasoned professionals.

Future upgrades and enhancements

With the development of technology, laser engraving machines are also constantly updated. The ACMER P2 33W is designed with adaptability in mind for future upgrades. Users can stay ahead of the curve by integrating new features and upgrading accessories or laser modules, ensuring they remain at the forefront of laser engraving technology.

Comparative analysis

Comparing the ACMER P2 33W to its competitors reveals its competitive advantages. Whether it is in terms of laser power, functionality or overall performance, this machine performs well. Its combination of power and precision along with a competitive price make it a top choice for those looking for the best laser engraving machine of 2024.


It turns out that investing in the ACMER P2 33W isn’t just about upfront costs, it’s about long-term benefits. The machine's efficiency and reliability contribute to its cost-effectiveness. Users can enjoy high-quality engraving without having to worry about frequent repairs or replacements.

Applications and industries

ACMER P2 33W is widely used in various scenaros. From personalized gifts to industrial prototyping, the capabilities of this machine are endless. Artists, engineers and entrepreneurs can benefit from its precision and speed, making it a valuable asset in various fields including signage, jewelry and electronics.


All in all, the ACMER P2 33W’s combination of power, precision, and user-friendly design makes it the best laser engraver of 2024. Its applications span a variety of industries, and user reviews attest to its reliability. With a competitive price and a focus on future upgrades, the ACMER P2 33W is a solid choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


What is the warranty period for the machine?

Purchased laser engraving machines from the official store are eligible for the best warranty policy with the order number. The machine's structural components have a warranty period of 12 months, the laser module has a warranty period of 6 months, and other consumables, such as transmission belts, have a warranty period of 3 months.

ls it difficult to assemble the laser engraving ACMER P2?

Very simple. The machine can be assembled within one minute.

What materials can be engraved and cut?

Include wood, plywood, acrylic, aluminum oxide,, leather, slate, etc Supported cutting materials include wood, plywood, acrylic, thin metasheets, etc. ACMER engraving parameter table contains parameters for different materials.

ls it possible to upgrade the laser module, such as from 20W to 33W?

Yes, you can purchase any laser module for ACMER P2 series, including 10W and 33W, in theaccessories category.

How to lmprove the Cutting Ability of ACMER P2?

The primary factors that affect the cutting ability are the laser module's power and the auxiliary air pump. To achieve a strong cutting ability, you can consider purchasing a 33W laser module and upgrading to the gas auxiliary system ACMER C4 (30L/min). Additionally, using a honeycomb plate to assist gas circulation can be helpful.


For those who primarily focus on engraving scenes, our standard electromagnetic silent air pump that can produce an air output of 25L/min will meet your engraving needs. Any unauthorized modification of the air pump to increase its output may increase the risk of fire, unless an inert gas is used.

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Good Experience

I need a machine that offers fast speed and powerful cutting capabilities.
After comparing products from other brands and reading numerous reviews, I found that the latest model from MedTech was too expensive for me. The P2 33W, on the other hand, met my expectations in terms of performance and price. After purchasing it,