Lightburn Program Does Not Work

Please help to go through the followings

1.Ensure your USB line and USB port works, try another USB line and USB port.

2.Install the driver matches your computer Mac OS

3.Please follow the guidance to add a laser

4.Find my laser

5.If it is still not working please try to create a COM manually, operation steps as below

6.USB cable length - USB cables are limited to 16 feet. If your cable is longer than this, it may need an amplifier or active extension for the signal to remain strong enough to be read correctly at the other end.

7.Another device on the same circuit as your laser, like a mini-fridge, air compressor, water chiller, etc. Any of these things powering up may cause a small power drop that can make the laser 'brown out' and temporarily disconnect or reset.

8.Poor bonding / grounding - Bonding is tying the various metal parts of a device together, so that if one part builds up a charge, all the other parts build up the same charge. If your laser is not bonded, static can build up on the laser head or rails. If the laser is not grounded (earthed), that static build-up can eventually discharge through the USB connection to the PC, causing comms errors. This is especially common with lasers driven by belts that interact with plastic wheels. Tying the frame parts of the laser to each other, and a ground connection can eliminate this.

9.Please check your MacOS version with lightburn support if it is supported by lightburn.
Since some disconnection issues are caused by the MacOS version does not match the lightburn version.
Lightburn support email address: