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Master Laser Engraver

Remarkably Speeds, Ultra High Precision Laser Engraver of 2023

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ACMER P1 Pro 20W

Value for Laser Engraver Hobbyists

Unbeatable Cost-Performance Ratio for Beginners

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What User Say

Daniele Tartaglia

Review of ACMER P2 laser engraver, top and top of the range model for this brand. In addition to making high quality engravings, the module has such power to cut in addition to metal, 10mm acrylic and 25mm fir. Great nice machine, aesthetically very beautiful and elegant and very performing.

The Clack Shack

I am have been testing out the Acmer P1 10W laser engraving, that performs better than most 10W machines that I have tested. I have added the enclosure and the air assist to the machine. It is definitely a sharp looking machine with good performance for the cost than most lightweight enclosures that I have tested.

Joshua De Lisle

We take a close look at the ACMER P2 33w desktop laser engraver and cutter. I'm testing its cutting ability on 30mm wood, 40mm acrylic, 20mm pallet wood and 11 layer 15mm thick plywood as well as its ability to engrave stainless steel armor. The results are amazing! Don’t miss this out!

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More materials, More creative possibilities

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