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What are the shipping areas?

United States (most states)*, EU member states, United Kingdom, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Please check the shipping policy for specific shipping costs, timeliness and taxes. If your country is not shown above, please contact us at support@acmer3d.com.

*US states not yet available: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Armed Forces of the Pacific, Armed Forces of Europe, Armed Forces of the Americas.

Machine installation videos, software operation tutorials and access?

1.In the TF card or U disk in the package.

2. Refer to the official YouTube video.

What should l do if the LaserGRBL software cannot connect to the laser engraving machine?/LaserGRBL?

1.Reselect the correct port. (tips: you can try all ports)

2.Baud rate selection: 115200

3.Close other software that occupies the port or opens repeatedly.

4.Check whether the data cable connection is normal.

The carving effect is not good, how to deal with it?

  • The focus position is wrong, adjust the focus according to the teaching video in the TF card, and then fine-tune the focus according to the actual situation.

  • The power value is set incorrectly, 1000 is the maximum power, reset the engraving power. You can manually input the command “M3 S1000” to test the laser intensity.

  • The engraving speed is incorrect, reset the speed.

Engraving issue

Common problems and solutions for engraving machines: 

1. Engraving is mis-placed, 

2. Engraving patterns are reversed, 3. Engraving patterns are irregular.

4.1 The engraving misalignment is caused by the mismatch of software configura-tion parameters, which causes the engraving machine to run too fast.

Solution: Reconfigure the software parameters and run the engraving machine to see if it can return to normal. If it does not recover, it may be that the motor drive voltage does not match. Check the drive voltage with a multi-meter (the normal value of the X-axis drive voltage is 0.8V, Y The normal value of the shaft drive voltage is 1.4V.) The driving voltage adjustment method is as follows: Vref measures the intermediate voltage between GND and the volt-age meter. Rotate the potentiometer clockwise to decrease the current, and counterclockwise to increase the current.

4.2 The engraving pattern is reversed due to incorrect software configuration parame ters.

Method: Re-import LaserGRBL through the configuration file in TF card.

4.3 Irregular carving patterns are caused by machine assembly problems.

1. Please check whether the X axis of the engraving machine is parallel to the bottom frame and whether the bottom frame is parallel and the diagonal size.

2. Please check whether the X-axis laser head module shakes. If there is shaking, please adjust the eccentric nut of the POM wheel to ensure that the laser head module slides smoothly.

Q&A of Motor

The motor is shaking. The direction is opposite to the actual direction and there is

no response after power on.

3.1 First of all, please make sure that the wiring of the motor line or the motor terminal or the mother board port is firm, whether there is loose phenomenon

or bad contact, which can be Re-power test.

3.2 Swap the motor, If there is still no response after replugging, test it after swap-ping the defective motor with the normal motor of the motherboard port . After the

test, make the motor fault judgment. (A. Motor line problem B. Drive problem)

A:Motor cable issue: After confirming that the motor is ok, test it after swapping the defective motor cable with the normal motor cable of the motherboard port. If there is no issue, then it means the motor cable problem. If it still doesn't work, then check the driver.

B:Drive problem: Under the premise of confirming that the motor and the motor line are no problem, check the motor drive again. There may be a problem with the drive and a new drive needs to be replaced.

3.3 Swap the motor cable on the main board . If it is Y-axis jitter, you can swap it with the good end (X-axis motor socket) . At the same time, the wiring on the motor also needs to be changed to the corresponding motor, and power on,Then move the motor to test .