Laser Engraving Materials and Supplies
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Laser Engraving Materials and Supplies

Laser Marking Paper:Used for engraving on transparent and highly reflective materials with a laser engraving machine, such as glass, ceramics, transparent acrylic, and more.
Basswood Sheets Plywood:A type of composite wood material composed of multiple layers of thin sheets of wood, bonded with an adhesive. It is a popular choice for various laser engraving/ cutting projects due to its strength and affordability.
MDF Cork Coasters Bulk:A popular material for laser engraving due to its versatility and consistent surface quality, ideal for precise and detailed engravings.
Thin Wood Sheets:The most commonly used material, ideal for cutting & engraving with a laser cutter/ engraver.
Aluminum Business Cards:Making your unique business cards in multiple colors with a laser engraver.
Rainbow Scratch Paper:Create your colorful images by engraving on it with a laser engraving machine.