ACMER Honeycomb Bed Laser 400x400mm 430x400mm 440x440mm 500x500mm

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Size: 400x400mm
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  • Honeycomb Work Table
  • Our Honeycomb for Laser Cutting is specifically engineered to protect your work surface while amplifying cutting capabilities.
  • ACMER P2 is capable of accommodating a maximum Laser Honeycomb Working Bed size of 500*500mm.
  • In general, we recommend pairing the ACMER P2 with a 440*440mm Honeycomb Bed.

ACMER Honeycomb Board Enhance Your Laser Engraving Experience

In the cutting process, proper support is crucial for the material being worked on. There are two key reasons why a honeycomb bed is recommended in such situations. Firstly, when dealing with complex artwork or less rigid materials like paper or fabric, the honeycomb structure helps keep the material flat and stable during cutting. Additionally, it allows heat and waste material generated during the process to escape effectively, preventing any negative impact on the final outcome.

The honeycomb bed's construction material plays a significant role in its suitability for the task. The lightweight and high-strength characteristics of aluminum make it an ideal choice for this application, ensuring durability and efficient performance.

However, it's important to note that residue from the materials being cut tends to accumulate over time on the aluminum honeycomb bed. Moreover, the heat from the laser can cause these residues to transfer back onto the material being cut, potentially affecting the quality of the final product. Therefore, regular removal and cleaning of the honeycomb bed are essential to maintain optimal cutting results.

Furthermore, different types of materials necessitate the use of honeycomb beds with varying cell sizes. This categorization enables tailored support for different classes of materials such as plastic, wood, paper, and card, ensuring precise and effective cutting outcomes.

Necessary accessories for laser cutting

After using this laser cutting honeycomb table to cut wood, acrylic, and other materials, the edges of the wood are neat and clean, not easily yellowed by smoke, and you can achieve clean cutting work.

Suitable Size

Available in various working areas: 400x400mm, 430x400mm, 440x440mm, and more. Suitable for most popular laser engraving machines, maximizing the cutting area.

Cutting through observable design

ACMER honeycomb table features a convenient cutting and observation design. When the laser cuts through wood or acrylic, the metal plate at the bottom of the honeycomb emits a bright light, indicating that the cutting has penetrated. This solves the problem of judging whether the cutting has gone through, which is difficult with ordinary engraving machines. Simply keep repeating the cutting until the bottom glows, indicating that the material has been cut through.

Safe Metal Desktop Protection Board

ACMER aluminium honeycomb Board is equipped with a metal desktop protection board, which effectively protects the table from laser damage. It is suitable for use with various diode laser engravers.

Measuring Ruler

The X-axis and Y-axis contain precise scale lines, forming a right-angle measuring ruler. This allows for quick measurement of the size of cutting objects.

Wide Compatibility

  • Compatible with CO2, diode, and fiber laser engraving machines.
  • Suitable for various styles of engraving machines.

Durable All-Metal Structure

  • Precision CNC processing ensures high flatness.
  • Thick all-metal structure that is strong and not easily deformed.

When to use honeycomb laser bed?

If you want to protect the desktop and avoid having many engraving marks on it, or when cutting materials with relatively low hardness, such as kraft paper or thin plywood, you specifically need a honeycomb bed.

The honeycomb bed can make the material more even and the special honeycomb-shaped air channels allow smooth airflow, removing dust and waste generated during the processing. This reduces the yellowish marks on the cutting edges and also serves as a heat dissipation function. When cutting thick materials, the airflow facilitated by the honeycomb bed enhances the ability to cut through thicker materials in a single pass.

How to remove wood resin residue from laser honeycomb ?

Safety precautions: Wear appropriate protective gloves.

Pre-cleaning: Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove loose debris and particles from the honeycomb. This will help prepare the surface for the resin removal process.

Chemical cleaning: There are multiple methods to clean wood resin residue from the honeycomb:

Alcohol or low-concentration isopropyl alcohol: Dampen a clean cloth or sponge with isopropyl alcohol and gently scrub the resin-stained areas of the honeycomb. Isopropyl alcohol effectively breaks down and removes resin.

Easy-to-use hand soap, we will show you how to quickly and easily remove wood residue from any item.

Rinse and dry: After removing the resin residue, rinse the honeycomb with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. Pat dry with a clean cloth or allow it to air dry completely before reconnecting it to the laser machine.