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ACMER P2 Engraving Area Expansion Kit


1.Free shipping from China. Air Express Parcel Special Line, with a delivery time of 10-15 days. See detail in "Shipping Policy".

2.By replacing the Y-axis of the machine, the engraving area can be doubled. The working area is increased from 420mm*400mm to 420mm*800mm, catering to a wider range of engraving scenarios and meeting the needs of users requiring large-scale engraving.

3.Made of aesthetically pleasing and durable steel material.

4.High-quality assurance: The expansion kit has undergone rigorous testing.

5.Note: The extension kit is not compatible with the R10 Enclosure Box. We do not support returns for this reason.

Package list

1 x area expansion kit

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Engraving Enlargement size
420 x 800mm ( 16.5 inches * 31.4 inches)
Product Size

An expansion kit enables larger creations!

A good expansion kit allows you to create bigger things! Size no longer restricts creativity! This amazing laser engraver expansion/extension kit is a fantastic upgrade for your ACMER P2. It is made of the same sturdy metal profile and high-quality craftsmanship as the P2. With this kit, you can expand the working surface of the laser engraver in the Y-axis to an impressive 800mm, effectively doubling the total working area. 

No Additional Processing Need, Directly Use

In the package, you get parts such as belts, screwdrivers, etc. needed to expand the machine. The process is as simple as replacing the new Y-axis and installing a longer belt and cable.

The extension shaft is standardized processing, it can be directly assembled on theACMER P2 engraving machine without any other additional processing. There are other necessary accessories in the product list, including extension cables, belts, and screws. No need to purchase any additional accessories.

Unlock more possibilities for your business!

As your business grows, laser engraving entrepreneurs have the potential to expand their operations. To reach a broader customer base, laser engraving businesses can collaborate with wedding planners, event coordinators, or other companies to provide personalized customization, signage, and services for special occasions.

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