ACMER P3: World's First Enclosed 10W+2W Dual-Laser Engraver - Disrupting the Industry!

Written by Kevin - Published on May 23, 2024

ACMER P3: World's First Enclosed 10W+2W Dual-Laser Engraver - Disrupting the Industry!

In recent years, the scale and performance of desktop laser engravers have been undergoing significant changes. Open-frame diode lasers have gained immense popularity due to their exceptional value proposition, while the emergence of enclosed products has attracted many laser enthusiasts seeking greater safety. However, the high prices of these enclosed laser engravers have been a deterrent for some.

Is there a machine that combines greater safety, more affordable pricing, and more flexible and powerful engraving capabilities?

We are thrilled to introduce the ACMER P3, a product that is poised to disrupt the industry. It has broken through three major industry limitations, allowing for the engraving of a wider range of materials, faster and more stable engraving speeds, and an industry-leading engraving area. Designed with small businesses in mind, the ACMER P3 prioritizes safety without compromising on performance, delivering unparalleled value.

Furthermore, the ACMER P3 is not just for commercial use; it is also an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts who want to create their own masterpieces at home.

ACMER P3: World's First Enclosed 10W+2W Dual-Laser Engraver - Disrupting the Industry!

Please join us in exploring the groundbreaking ACMER P3 and experience the pinnacle of laser engraving. Together, let us embark on a journey of exceptional laser engraving capabilities that redefine the industry standards.

World's First Closed Dual-Laser Engraver,Breakthrough Industry Material Limitations

To overcome the limitations of material compatibility, we have combined IR and diode lasers into one module, addressing the challenges of differing startup conditions and engraving requirements.

The first enclosed dual-laser combines the advantages of IR laser and diode laser, ACMER P3 can engrave on more materials. There is no limit to the materials and unlimited your creativity. With diode laser and IR laser, the engraving materials have been increased from 150 to more than 300, which doubles from other engraving machine, giving ACMER P3 the widest material engraving range in the industry.

ACMER P3: World's First Enclosed 10W+2W Dual-Laser Engraver - Disrupting the Industry!

Multiple Options, Powerful Cutting, Precise Engraving

ACMER P3 is equipped with multiple options for laser head solutions,2W IR laser, 24W diode laser, 10W diode laser + 2W IR laser and 48W diode laser, which respectively enable metal engraving, fast and precise engraving, compatibility with more material engraving and powerful cutting and other specific scenarios. Multiple functions allow a wider range of material choices for creation.

It should be emphasized that 48W diode laser uses advanced laser compression technology, with 8 groups of 6W diode light sources are aggregated into a 48W ultra-powerful laser head, which has stronger cutting capabilities than similar machines. And it can be directly switched to 24W, which solves the problem of large light spots in high-power laser engraving, allowing users to obtain finer engraving details in creative scenarios where engraving is the main focus.

ACMER P3: World's First Enclosed 10W+2W Dual-Laser Engraver - Disrupting the Industry!

World's First Laser Engraver with CoreXY Structure and Motion Compensation Algorithm, Breakthrough Accuracy and Speed Limits

We continue to breakthrough the speed limit and improve users' creative efficiency with higher speeds. The ACMER P3 engraving acceleration reaches 2000mm/s², which increases the speed by 100% and reaches the fastest speed in the industry.

In order to solve the problem of blurred engraving effects under high-speed motion, we adopt the advanced CoreXY high-speed motion structure, which is driven by dual motors and dual belts during operation to effectively ensure the stability of machine engraving.

We also perform motion algorithm compensation to solve the problem of frame loss during high speed engraving, thus making machine engraving more accurate. ACMER P3 is the world's first laser engraving machine using CoreXY structure.
ACMER P3: World's First Enclosed 10W+2W Dual-Laser Engraver - Disrupting the Industry!

Integrated Fume Extraction System + Micro-Airflow Mode

Our Fume Extraction System is designed to optimize airflow within the machine's enclosed environment, ensuring effective smoke exhaust and preventing combustion. This also reduces dust accumulation inside the machine, creating a clean and safe operating environment.

Dirty lenses can significantly affect the lifespan of the laser module. Our innovative Micro-Airflow Mode generates a weak airflow that effectively prevents smoke backflow, protecting the lenses and increase module service life by 20%. This reduces the frequency of cleaning and maintenance, saving you time and effort.

ACMER P3: World's First Enclosed 10W+2W Dual-Laser Engraver - Disrupting the Industry!

Open Lid, Machine Stops, Safety Always Protected

ACMER takes safety very seriously. In any case, when the lid is opened, the machine will immediately stop working and will sound a beep to let you know the status of the machine in time to ensure your safety.

ACMER P3 is made of highly transparent plexiglass material, which allows you to directly and clearly observe the operation of the machine. The box can reduce the noise by 70%, reduce smoke and dust by 95%, and filter out 95% of laser damage when the machine is working.

The metal body frame is also another safety consideration of ACMER P3. It can withstand the test of laser, is better flame retardant, and ensures a more stable center of gravity of the body.

At the same time, ACMER P3 is equipped with over-temperature protection, limit protection, tilt protection, flame detection, power lock, emergency stop switch and other functions, which fully complies with Class I laser safety standards. Make it safer for you and your family to use.

Engraving Recovery, Precise Positioning, More Intelligent

The industry-unique "Engraving Recovery" function can provide you with a better creative experience more intelligently. The machine that is paused due to opening the lid can automatically resume engraving when the lid is closed. You do not need to reset the parameters and the quality of the work will not be damaged.

ACMER P3 also comes with a LightBurn camera for precise positioning and real-time preview. With 5 layers of high-definition optical glass, the camera provides real-time preview and connects directly to the motherboard for stable data transmission, and the camera is 100% compatible with LightBurn, making the operation more convenient.

400x4000mm Engraving Area,Shatters the Boundaries of Engraving Area Restrictions

ACMER P3 expands the engraving area 10 times on the original basis, giving the machine the largest engraving area in the industry.

Businesses often worry about the inconvenience of engraving large-scale projects. We have greatly improved the creative space through the conveyor. The engraving range has been increased from the original 400mm to 4000mm, breaking the limitation of the laser engraving machine's working area and making it the world's largest engraving area engraver.

In addition, ACMER P3 can be paired with a rotary roller to solve the problem of engraving curved surface objects. It also supports chuck engraving to meet users' needs for more engraving scenarios.

User-Friendly Design, Pull-Out Drawer for Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

In order to solve the problem of inconvenient replacement of material and honeycomb bed in the cabinet machine, ACMER P3 optimizes the structure of the cabinet and adopts a pull-out drawer design to facilitate the cleaning of debris generated during engraving and cutting and the replacement of material and honeycomb bed, and there is a fixed design for the honeycomb bed at the bottom, to avoid misalignment between the machine and the honeycomb bed, and to better integrate with the machine.

Compatible with ACMER Accessories Ecosystem

ACMER P3 is equipped with 48W laser , 2W IR laser, 10W diode laser + 2W IR laser (dual-laser), and 24W diode laser module, and can be used directly out of the box. In addition, ACMER P3 is basically compatible with ACMER ecological accessories. They can make the entire machine more powerful and you can customize your machine as needed. Compatible accessories include:

●Air Assist: blows away smoke and residue to ensure better cutting effect

●Honeycomb Bed: protects material and desktop

●Rotary Roller M3: used for engraving cylindrical objects

●Chuck Module: expands application scenarios, such as sculpting rings

●Air Purifier: purifies the air to let you use the machine indoors

●Conveyor: extends the engraving area

●Riser: rises the machine for engraving high objects

Our Expectation About ACMER P3

ACMER P3 is a laser engraving machine designed specifically for small business success. We have subverted the industry's restrictions on engraving materials, engraving speed and engraving area. We continue to pursue the ultimate mission and contribute safe, easy-to-use and efficient artworks to the industry, hoping to bring you a more extreme creative experience and help laser enthusiasts to be more comfortable and complete delivery quickly when conducting commercial activities.

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