ACMER P2 33W Laser Engraver & Cutter with Air Assist | 30000mm/min | Wood Acrylic Metal Laser Engraver

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Plug Type: Pre-assembly Style EU

Assembles in One Minute

No complex assembly worries, just fix the laser head module.
Instantly enjoy the fun of laser engraving.

The x and y axes use

Industrial Guide Rails

20% more stable compared to other machines, ensuring stable operation and high precision engraving.providing higher acceleration compared to the rollers.

Faster realization of ideas, up to

30 000 mm/min

ACMER P2 inherits the verified motion control system from ACMER Laboratory.This mechanical structure ensures reduced engraving time for artworks. The maximum engraving speed can reach 30,000 mm/min. It maintains stable and ultra-high engraving precision while operating at high speeds.

Multiple Power Laser Module options


ACMER P2 series supports upgrading by replacing the laser module, and the optional power includes 10W/20W/33W/48W.

Fiber laser modules and y-axis extension will be available soon.

No longer just an investment, upgradable for enhanced value retention.

Diode Laser Combining Technology

By combining six 6-watt laser beams, we have developed a remarkable laser system that impressively maintains an output power of 33 watts. Furthermore, our laser module ensures durability with its superior airflow and cooling design, providing you with a reliable and versatile diode laser technology.

Engraving Area 420mm*400mm

The working space of 420mm*400mm provides ample room for your daily carving projects. And when you require a larger area, you have the option to purchase the Infinite Y-axis expansion tool.

Supports Popular Software

ACMER P2 seamlessly integrates with industry-leading software like Lightburn, offering advanced features and compatibility. It also supports the free LaserGRBL package and allows control of the machine through Android and iOS apps via Wi-Fi.

Why Choose Higher Laser Power

Increasing laser power has a significant impact on engraving and cutting capabilities, resulting in a substantial boost in work efficiency. Moreover, it opens up new possibilities for creative endeavors, such as engraving vibrant gradients on stainless steel surfaces.

Adding Color to Metal through Engraving

At 33 watts, the powerful laser power makes it easier to oxidize stainless steel surfaces in multiple shades of color, expanding your creative scene!

Powerful Cutting Capability

Experience the unimaginable as it effortlessly cuts through thick materials in a single pass, surpassing the capabilities of lower power machines. Equipped with a standard silent electromagnetic air-assist pump, it plays a crucial role in optimizing performance.

Work more efficiently

Start your business fast!

Realize creative works quickly and create more business opportunities. Get more craft enthusiast clients from Etsy.

What are the Security Features

5 Security Protections

Equipped with a flame detector, gyroscope tilt detector, and an observable shield, it ensures a secure working environment. With a child safety lock and an emergency stop switch, we prioritize the well-being of users. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, alarm lights and buzzers provide immediate alerts.

Experience peace of mind while maximizing productivity with our advanced safety measures.

Complete Accessory Ecology

High-performance, reliable components that expand possibilities.

Learn More

Laser Rotary Roller

Pairing with the Y-axis Rotary 360° Roller, our engraving machine allows you to expand your capabilities to engrave cylindrical objects such as soda cans, glass bottles, and baseball bats. Additionally, the ACMER P2 features a quick-switching toggle, making your engraving work more convenient and efficient.


Laser Enclosure Box

Enhance your laser engraving experience with our Laser Enclosure. This fireproof and durable protective shield is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your engraving projects. With its efficient smoke and odor reduction system, noise isolation, exclusive light-filtering viewing window, and compatibility with various engraving machines, our Laser Enclosure takes your engraving to the next level.

 Laser Engraver Camera

an intelligent and precise positioning solution for laser engraving. With its accurate engraving area identification and seamless pattern recognition, it eliminates manual adjustments and ensures error-free results. Additionally, it doubles as a computer camera for video recording, capturing your creative process. Compatible with a wide range of frame laser engraving machines, the ACMER A500 offers convenience and versatility in one compact device. Elevate your engraving experience with precision and ease.


Brilliant ideas from ACMER

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Leon Fischer

Die ACMER P2 33W Laser Graviermaschine ist ein beeindruckendes Gerät, das eine Vielzahl von Materialien wie Holz, Metall, Glas und Acryl gravieren und schneiden kann.

Eike Iversen

Gut zu wissen: Das Gerät macht wirklich eine Gravur. Dementsprechend entstehen Gerüche oder auch Qualm, vor allem bei Holz.Je nachdem sollte das Gerät also dort aufgestellt sein, wo es nicht stört und wo eventuell der Rauchmelder nicht so in der Nähe ist oder das Fenster direkt dran ist etc.Was mich besonders überrascht hat, dass auch eine Schutzbrille mitgeliefert wird. Denn Laser sollte man echt nicht unterschätzen!

David Hoffmann

Die ACMER P2 33W Laser Graviermaschine ist ein beeindruckendes Gerät, das eine Vielzahl von Materialien wie Holz, Metall, Glas und Acryl gravieren und schneiden kann.

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