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ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraver Cutter Machine

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2. The machine and main accessories will be shipped from U.S. or EU.

3. Other accessories and materials will be shipped from China.


  • Experience an exceptionally fine laser spot that ensures even finer engraving results
  • Laser engraving beginners' cost-effective choice.
  • Support for upgrading to higher power laser modules
  • Equipped with a standard 25 L/min silent electromagnetic air assist, enabling powerful cutting

Package list

Machine x1

laser Module x1

air assist x1

Power Adapter x1

Machine Key x2

Laser Goggle x1

Card Reader & TF Card x1

Power Cable x1

Rotary Axis Wire x1

USB Cable x1

Brushes x1

Wrench x1

Screwdriver x4

Plywood Material


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ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine
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What they say about ACMER P2 10w?
  • Specifications
  • Support
  • FAQs
Laser Output Power
Laser Type
Diode laser / Upgradeable 1064 laser
Machine Power
Laser Wavelength
Power Supply
DC 24V/4A
Focal Length
Engraving Accuracy
Laser Module Design Life
10000 hours
Maximum Engraving Speed
30,000 mm/min
Working Area Size
Assembly Method
Machine Size
Machine Weight
Movement structure
Industrial guide rail
Control Software
LightBurn/LaserGRBL/ACMER App(Android) / MKS(iOS)
Compatible Accessories
1064 laser module, ACMER P2 Engraving Area Expansion Kit, Honeycomb Laser Bed , R10 Laser Enclosure Box , ACMER M2 Rotary Roller,ACMER C4 Air Assist
File Format Supported
JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, etc.
Safety Features
Emergency stop button, Gyroscope detection(Tilt 15 degrees to automatically turn off the laser),Motherboard over-temperature protection,child safety lock,flame detector.

Laser Engraver Assembly Manual

If you purchased a non-pre-installed version of ACMER P2 Series, you can download the Assembly Manual. for reference, and you can also watch the installation tutorial on our official youtube channel.

How to use APP to control laser engraving

If you want to control the laser engraving machine through your mobile phone as a terminal, you can read the App operation manual. You can learn how to connect to the machine via wifi. For specific IP and port settings, please read the manual.

Free software to convert image for laser engraving

LaserGRBL is a highly effective Windows software for laser engraving images. With just a few clicks, LaserGRBL can load any image, picture, or logo and send it to your laser engraving machine. Specifically designed for hobbyist laser cutters and engravers, LaserGRBL is a great free and user-friendly alternative. If you're looking for a simple and efficient tool, LaserGRBL is an excellent option.

The Best Laser Engraver & Cutter Software

LightBurn is a versatile software designed for laser cutters, offering layout, editing, and control capabilities. With LightBurn, you can import artwork in a variety of vector graphic and image formats, edit and create new vector shapes, and apply settings such as power, speed, and cut order. The software supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and allows you to send your designs directly to your laser cutter.

How to Upgrade a Laser Engraver ACMER P2

ACMER P2 firmware update is an important step to ensure that your laser engraving machine performs better and has more features. To avoid errors during the update process, we have prepared a simple and easy-to-understand firmware update guide for you. Before upgrading the firmware, please make sure that you have backed up all important data to prevent data loss. The steps to update the firmware are very simple and can be completed by following the few simple steps provided in the guide. Please note that before updating the firmware, please read and understand all the steps carefully to ensure that you can complete the upgrade correctly. By following the firmware update guide we provide, you can easily complete the firmware update and get a better user experience with your laser engraving machine.

What is the warranty period for the machine?

Purchased laser engraving machines from the official store are eligible for the best warranty policy with the order number. The machine's structural components have a warranty period of 12 months, the laser module has a warranty period of 6 months, and other consumables, such as transmission belts, have a warranty period of 3 months.

ls it difficult to assemble the laser engraving ACMER P2?

Very simple. The machine can be assembled within one minute.

What materials can be engraved and cut?

Include wood, plywood, acrylic, aluminum oxide,, leather, slate, etc Supported cutting materials include wood, plywood, acrylic, thin metasheets, etc. ACMER engraving parameter table contains parameters for different materials.

ls it possible to upgrade the laser module, such as from 20W to 33W?

Yes, you can purchase any laser module for ACMER P2 series, including 10W and 33W, in theaccessories category.

How to lmprove the Cutting Ability of ACMER P2?

The primary factors that affect the cutting ability are the laser module's power and the auxiliary air pump. To achieve a strong cutting ability, you can consider purchasing a 33W laser module and upgrading to the gas auxiliary system ACMER C4 (30L/min). Additionally, using a honeycomb plate to assist gas circulation can be helpful.

For those who primarily focus on engraving scenes, our standard electromagnetic silent air pump that can produce an air output of 25L/min will meet your engraving needs. Any unauthorized modification of the air pump to increase its output may increase the risk of fire, unless an inert gas is used.

ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-preassembled

Unbox and start using instantly!

lnexperienced beginners often encounter difficulties when assembling a machine, but withACMER P2 Pre-Assembled Edition, the machineis already assembled and rigorously tested before leaving the factory, ensuring a superior user experience.

Effortless Upgrade with Easy Removable Laser Module

You can upgrade to a more powerful diode laser by replacing the laser module, as well as upgrade to 33w or 1064nm infrared laser for enhanced metal engraving and expand your engraving capabilities to include various materials like plastics.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-upgrade laser module
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-powerful laser

Incredibly Fast! Higher Efficiency!

With a blazing speed of up to 30,000 mm/min, this engraving system inherits the proven motion control technology from ACMER Lab. Its robust mechanical structure ensures faster engraving times for artworks, without compromising on stability or ultra-high precision.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-30000
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-10000

Vibration Compensation & Precision Motion Control

Vibration compensation algorithms combined with the stable construction of industrial rails and a fine 0.06x0.08mm laser compression spot make your engraving more precise and stable.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-precision
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-precision-guide rails

What are the security features of the ACMER P2?

ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-security feature-1

Flame detector

Stop working and sound an alarm onceflame and smoke are detected.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-security feature-2

Gyroscope Tilt Detector

Automatically stops working when tilted more than 15, to prevent the laser from causing injury to the human body or damaging objects,a good protection for your safety.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-security feature-3

Observable shield

Filtered glass shield protectsyour from laser injury and filters 97% of UV rays.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-security feature-4

Child safety lock

ACMER P2 Laser engraver and cutter is equipped with a safety key that needs to be inserted to turn on the switch in order to work, preventing children from misusing the machine.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-security feature-5

Emergency stop switch

When the machine is working the machine can be stopped immediately by the emergency stop switch.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-security feature-6

Alarm lights and buzzers

Eye-catching yellow alarm indicator light gives you the quickest response to any malfunction or accident.
ACMER P2 10W Laser Engraving Cutter Machine-diode laser

Unleash Your Laser Creativity to New Heights

By leveraging our accessory ecosystem, we excellently address the needs of various scenarios.
ACMER P2 10w laser engraving cutter machine-Rotary 360 Roller

Rotary 360° Roller

The Rotary Roller enables you to engrave cylindrical objects like insulated cups expanding your capabilities for curved surface engraving.

Time-lapse Camera

With a LightBurn-compatible camera you can achieve precise positioning for engraving and monitor the engraving process with greater accuracy.
ACMER P2 10w laser engraving cutter machine-Time-lapse Camera
ACMER P2 10w laser engraving cutter machine-Laser Enclosure Box

Laser Enclosure Box

By eliminating smoke indoors, the indoor air becomes cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Expansion Kit

Achieving a 200% increase in the engraving area of P2, reaching 800*420mm, allowing you to create larger and more creative artworks.
ACMER P2 10w laser engraving cutter machine-Expansion Kit

Start Your Business Journey Now!

Higher Power, Faster Speed, Greater Productivity - Stay One Step Ahead!
ACMER P2 10w laser engraving cutter machine-small business
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Michele Trungadi
Simply fantastic!

Fantastic experience!
The laser arrived to me in a few days, all already assembled and ready to be used.
I've been working on it for about a month, creating various objects.
It engraves and cuts perfectly, extremely precisely.
Thanks Team Acmer, I'm really very happy with the purchase!

Emma B.

ACMER P2 10w is the laser engraving beginner’s best friend. First, it's very affordable. Best of all, I didn't need any instructions once I opened the package. I had it fully hooked up and operational in 5 minutes, saving me at least half a day of assembly time. This is very valuable to me. In addition, the 10w laser machine has an engraving speed of 30,000/mm, which is absolutely sufficient for my simple engraving. I will consider upgrading to the 33w laser module when I become proficient in it. I am very excited about its machine quality. .

Sarah Wilson

A first laser engraving machine is a great investment for a beginner. The ACMER P2 10w’s affordable price and simple pre-assembled design make it an excellent choice. The engraving speed and functionality are sufficient for my simple engraving needs.

Andrew Davis

The ACMER P2 10w is a laser engraving machine suitable for beginners. Its pre-assembled machine structure is user-friendly, and the 10w laser module provides excellent engraving results. I'm really excited about the versatility it brings to my creative projects.

Lily M.

I'm impressed with how affordable the ACMER P2 10w laser engraving machine is. It's incredibly beginner-friendly and requires minimal setup. The engraving speed is more than sufficient for my simple engraving projects.