How to Refresh Firmware for ACMER P1 Laser Engraver


For customers who need to get new features or make ACMER P1 work better by updating the firmware of the laser engraver, you can update the firmware of the motherboard by yourself. However, it is not recommended to modify the firmware file by yourself, which may affect the stability of the machine.

acmer p1 firmware

Two ways to get the firmware

1. Download the latest firmware file and firmware update tool from the official website.

2. The supplied TF card with the factory firmware file and the tool to refresh the firmware.

Open the  memory card and select the software and driver.Open the memory card and select laser engraver software and driver

Install MKSLaserTool setupV1.1.2.exe

MKS Laser Tool


Writing Firmware Steps

 MKS ESP32 Download Tool


1. Open file

    choose files carefully before flashing the firmware.

    2. Select serial port 

      select the corresponding serial port according to the actual situation

      3. Set baud rate to 115200

      4. Start Writing Firmware

      5. Writing success

        When the following text appears "Firmware successfully flashed", it indicates that the firmware write is complete.


        Download PDF


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