Best laser engraver for tumblers 2023

Best laser engraver for tumblers 2023
Tumblers are increasingly popular as a personalized beverage cup choice, and laser engraving offers a unique customization method. Laser engraving machines are particularly suitable for customizing glass cups with distinctive designs, logos, and personalization. These glass cup laser engraving machines utilize the power of laser beams to create precise and intricate engravings. Popular tumbler products include gifts, promotional items, event merchandise, andbranded goods.

In this comprehensive guide, we introduce the ACMER P2 laser engraving machine, specifically designed for tumblers in 2023.

acmer P2 feture

ACMER P2 is renowned for its extensive laser module options and expandable ecosystem. Moreover, it is the first in the desktop laser engraving machine industry to incorporate industrial-grade linear guides, which ensures superior stability during engraving compared to the commonly used optical axis motion system. With a boosted motion speed of 30,000mm/min, combined with high power, it achieves significantly higher efficiency compared to other brands of engraving machines. This makes it particularly suitable for small-scale commercial environments.

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 ACMER P2 offers a range of laser module options with different laser power, including 10W, 20W, 33W, and 48W diode lasers. Additionally, it supports a 2W red light laser module. The machine's excellent expandability ensures it remains versatile and future-proof. This, in turn, enhances its value retention over time.

We have considered various factors to assist you in making an informed decision when selecting a laser engraving machine. The laser engraving capabilities of our machine are well-suited to meet your customization needs for tumbler cups. Additionally, it is also suitable for small-scale commercial clients looking to incorporate laser engraving into their business offerings.


Custom Tumbler Business

Selecting the appropriate laser engraver for tumblers

  • Laser Output Power: This is a crucial factor to consider, especially for laser cutting applications. If you require higher power for engraving and have complex designs, it is recommended to choose a laser engraver with 10W or 20W power, or even higher. A lower power, such as 5W, is not recommended due to its slower working efficiency. When you have many tumblers to process, it will consume a significant amount of time.
  • Support for Switchable Rotary Module: When you need to switch between different tasks, having a switchable rotary module allows you to quickly transition and perform engraving tasks on tumblers and other objects.
  • Motion Speed: For small-scale businesses, efficiency is crucial. ACME P2 offers exceptionally high engraving speeds, making it suitable for producing tumblers and providing customers with personalized experiences.
  • High Resale Value: The laser engraver should support multiple power modules that can be upgraded based on your needs. Additionally, having a red light laser module allows for engraving on jewelry and silverware, expanding the scope of your business.
  • High Precision: ACMER P2 laser engraver features a fine laser beam spot that enables clearer engraving of your designed patterns and text, resulting in a more prominent engraving effect.

What is a tumbler?

Tumblers for laser engraving are a kind of container or drinking vessel, which can be made of glass, stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic. Typically, tumblers have a cylindrical shape, although some may have a narrower top. Laser engraving techniques are commonly used to enhance the visual appeal of tumblers. By using a laser engraver, you can personalize intricate designs on the surface of the tumblers with great precision. These tumblers are well-suited for outdoor gatherings, picnics, and children's parties.

Roller Rotary attachment engraves tumbler

ACMER M2 Laser Rotary engraving tumbler

Engraving tumblers using a roller rotary attachment is a common practice with laser engraver machines. This specialized accessory is designed specifically for engraving cylindrical objects like tumblers. Equipped with several rollers, it securely holds the tumbler in place while enabling it to rotate as needed. When using the roller rotary attachment to engrave tumblers, the general procedure typically involves:


To ensure proper engraving, it is essential to prepare the tumbler beforehand by cleaning its surface. Applying masking or protective materials, such as tape or a heat-resistant coating, can be beneficial in this process. This step helps to ensure that only the desired area is engraved, maintaining precision and control over the engraving process.

2. Mounting

Once the preparation is complete, proceed to attach the tumbler onto the roller rotary attachment. Adjust the roller to accommodate the diameter of the tumbler, ensuring a proper fit. It is crucial to securely fasten the tumbler in place and verify that the roller rotary attachment rotates smoothly during the engraving process. This will guarantee stable and consistent results while engraving.


There are two main parts to this step: preparing the engraving design and setting up the laser machine. Using recommended laser software, customize your design and adjust the laser settings accordingly. Pay attention to the specific material settings depending on the tumblers you are using.

The second part involves setting up the laser device. Adjust the laser beam focus for different heights and ensure the cleanliness of the lens before engraving. Lastly, prioritize operator safety to ensure proper precautions are in place.

4. Engraving

During the engraving process, there is no need for any intervention unless in case of emergencies. The laser engraver for tumblers operates automatically, utilizing the laser settings inputted in the previous step. As the operation progresses, the rotary roller rotates in a specific manner, while the laser machine effectively removes material from the surface to achieve the desired engraving pattern or design.

5. Finished

Once the engraving process for tumblers is finished, the roller rotary attachment will automatically cease operation. Carefully utilize the screws to detach the tumbler from the attachment. At this point, you can proceed to remove the masking or protective materials from the tumbler's surface. Following that, it is time to undertake the essential cleaning and finishing procedures specific to tumblers. Consider enhancing the appearance and durability of the engraving by polishing the tumbler or applying a sealant, thereby ensuring an improved overall result.

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